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Freezing Fog

Hi everyone it’s Ruby!

My meteorological report this morning features something called “freezing fog”. Freezing fog is when the water vapour in the fog attaches itself to objects and then freezes! These ice depositions are called rime and you can have soft or hard rime. It looks likes those crystals on the inside of the freezer. It’s minus three out there right now! We sure are glad that we’re inside cats!

When the fog lifts we are likely to have a clear, still, sunny day!


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The Owtside

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Scott’s away at the moment having a little holiday so we’ve been home alone with Mark this week. Mark has been werking on indexing and proofreading his book so we have learnt how to be qwiet kitties while he is werking hard.

Anyway, last weekend was very sunny so Ruby and I got our harnesses on to go owtside.

For some reason I was a bit skerred and didn’t want to go owt there. So I stayed inside and watched Ruby.

Scott and Mark thought it was strange because I am usually the brave one and Ruby is the skerrdy-cat.

But then they remembered when we were kittens – sometimes Ruby can be the brave one!



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Mancat (in training) Monday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Yesterday we went OWTSIDE and I was wearing my noo nortical harness. Scott says I was getting too big for my old harness so he got me this sailor suit!

I had great fun trying to catch flies!

Ruby helped me do some snoopervising too.

Ruby is still not too sure abowt the owtside so she went in a bit earlier than me. Then I knocked over the broom that was leaning against the wall and had a panic attack and tried to run away but Scott held on to my lead until I could calm down again.

Then we went back inside.



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Mancat (in training) Monday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Scott says he has been sick for a few days so he hasn’t been able to help us post or visit our friends.

Here is a picture of me snoopervising the back garden. I am doing my chirping thing where my jaw chatters uncontrollably when I see a BERD! I want to put the bitey on them so bad!


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May Day!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Happy May Day to all of yoo! Here is an iris that I found when I went owtside today.

Scott says he’s sorry that he hasn’t allowed us to post recently. He is making excuses abowt Easter eggs, chocolate and then the Royal Wedding keeping him occupied. He says he is back onto fings now.

Today Ruby and I went owstide in our harnesses. Once again I was Chief Snoopervisor and Ruby was my Deputy.

Ruby is getting much braver abowt the owtside these days.

She even took in the view from the top of the garden table.

I was more interested in fings going on under the bushes.

I fink I saw a berd!

Just checking up on my sisfur.

We helped Scott and Mark do a big tidy up of the garden. They say it is ready for summer now.


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My Speshull Repawt From Owtside. By Oliver

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today I bring yoo my speshull repawt from the OWTSIDE!

Yes! This is my noo harness which I like much better than the old one. I had only ever been owt in the old harnes once. It was a few weeks back when I was getting all frisky (before my NEW TERS!). Auntie Jane suggested I be allowed owt to have some fresh air and distractions. It worked a treat but I didn’t like the old harness, which was just like two cat collars joined togevver.

Anyway, my noo harness is much more comfortable. It also shows how impawtant I am as Chief Snoopervisor of the Owtside. Here I am sniffing the holly bush that Scott needs to plant soon.

Time to do a patrol of the perim-prerim…edges of the garden.

Oops – got distracted for a moment!

When I decided everything was safe – no woofies or vishus deer or wildebeest like I have seen on the TV – I had a bit of a relax in the sun. I also told Ruby it was safe…

…but she had never been owtside in her entire life!

It was like that moovie Stargate – who knows what would happen when she stepped through the door!

But she was a brave girl and came owt too! Ruby’s harness is red!

She came a little way owt. Then a leaf blew past her in the wind and she raced back inside. I’m sure she will get used to the owtside eventually.

As for me – there is still much uncharted territory to explore…


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