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All is forgiven.



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Back to Normal

Hi everyone it’s Ruby!

I tell you, we are all glad that everything is back to normal in the house – the windows are done, the painters are finished and we can settle down to watch the leaves fall and look forward to the winter.

It’s starting to get chillier and the nights are drawing in, which means the heating is on during the day!

Our sister Rose is growing fast – she’s next to Oliver on the desk. I think Rose is actually going to end up bigger than me! That’s why I need to keep her in check with the occasional paw-whap now while I can. Other than that we all get along well these days. Lots of play time, running and of course some mischief – though usually it’s me and Rose who are up to something and Oliver who gets caught – he always manages to have a guilty look on his face even when it’s not him making the trouble! Ah – that’s what brothers are for!


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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Do yoo like my velvety nose? Anyone for a kiss? Tee hee!

Have a nice weekend!


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Easy Like Sunday

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Actually that’s me just behind Oliver. I have just been enjoying some snuggle time with my brother. Later will come chasing time with my sister Rose.

Scott says Oliver is developing his adult male British Shorthair face – small teddy-bear ears, big jowls and smiley whisker pads. Scott calls Oliver his “roly-poly pudding” but Oliver is on a diet (we all are even though Rose and I don’t need it!).

Today we helped Mark and Scott sort out the big cupboard under the stairs – we had never been in there before! It was exciting and a little scary at the same time. I quite liked the cobweb broom but not the Wet and Dry Vacuum.


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My Latest Photo Shoot

Well hello there! This is Miss Rose! I was happily relaxing in the basket this afternoon when I became the subject of an impromptu photo shoot. I began to suspect that this happens quite often in this house.

Scott thought I looked very relaxed – as is my wont.

Did I tell you that Ruby licked my head this afternoon?

Here’s a couple of close-ups.

I find back-lighting very flattering.


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Miss Rose Relaxes

Miss Rose Says Relax.


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