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Oliver’s Report on Miss Rose

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today my sisfur Miss Rose (pittchured above) went to the V-E-T to have her Lady Garden spaded. She is back home now and recovering well. She has had a little food and Ruby and I have given her a big sniff as she smelled different.

Like us she managed to keep her big plastic collar on for about three minutes.

The note from the V-E-T said she is meant to be calm and quiet for a week. Unfortunately we have already had some play time and running abowt. Ruby also encouraged Rose to balance on the banister two floors up but Scott and Mark got her down and told us off.


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Our Opperayshuns

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here. Let me tell yoo abowt our opperayshuns.

Last Friday Scott took us to see Ginny the V-E-T. I was due for my NEW TERS and Ruby was going to have her lady garden SPADED.

Ruby’s opperayshun was good. Scott had been thinking abowt her having a midline incision but Ginny explained that a flank incision wouldn’t affect her coat as it only really made a difference with lighter cats like colourpoints. Yoo can see from the picture that Ruby is healing very well and her incision is tiny – only abowt a centimetre long.

Unfortunately my opperayshun was not as straightforward. I ended up having to have major abbdon-adbonible … tummy surgery. Yoo see, Ginny discovered something that no-one had noticed before. I was suffering from a birth defect called CRYPTORCHIDISM. This means that one of my testicles had not descended into my scrotum. In fact it was hiding all the way up in my tummy by my kidney. This meant Ginny had to make two incisions – one in my scrotum to give me one of my my NEW TERS and then a second, much bigger incision in my tummy to find the one that was hiding. It was impawtant to remove it because it could cause cancer later in life.

We both came home togevver and had these big plastic buckets on our heads. We hated them – I pulled mine off in the first hour and then Ruby did the same. Scott struggled but managed to tie them back on again. We spent the whole night wriggling trying to get the buckets off. Whenevver we drank from our bowl our necks got wet and also our food got stuck in them. Ginny said we had to have them on for TEN DAYS! The next morning Scott and Mark saw that we were still very unhappy and stressed owt – we hadn’t eaten or drank anyfing. They made the decision to remove our buckets early and we were so happy after that! They watched to see if we were going to pull owt our stitches but really we just wanted to have a little clean up of our furs.

Scott and Mark have been keeping an eye on our incisions to make sure they are healing and not getting infected. Even their friend Lynette, who was visiting this weekend, said they looked good – and she used to be a V-E-T herself.

Anyway that’s abowt all for now. We are very happy and playful and our furs are even starting grow back. We hope yoo all had a good weekend!


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We’re OK

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here.

We are fine after our operations but we hate these buckets on our heads.

More later.


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The V-E-T

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

This morning we were happily sleeping in the crow’s nest of our enormouse cat-climby-thing when Scott bundled us into the travel box to take us to the V-E-T. We each had a giant injection – Scott says we are now microchipped so if ever we get lost he will be able to find us. We’re happy abowt that but it still hurt. I made sure I gave a little surprised yelp to make sure Scott felt extra guilty and would give us snacks when we got home.


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