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Oliver Delivers Mousey


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Games wif the Mousey

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Sorry that Scott keeps mucking up my garden post featuring my noo nortical harness – he will get the pictures soon!

Anyway – let me introduce to yoo my latest mousey. It is green and has a bell inside it.

I like giving it the paw bat…

..and the claw.

I need to make sure it’s dedded.

Then I can give it the chew.

It’s serious business, you know. Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.



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Special Delivfurry #2

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! As you can see from my expression I am very excited about a special delivery.

When Scott unwrapped the package there was this flat round thing inside.

Then he unhooked the tabs and it sprang up into this – a big blue laundry basket. It’s even better than the one upstairs that the Beans actually use for laundry (remember the film with us playing in it?). Plus this one is just for us!

We love it because it’s made of shiny material that’s also a bit see through, which means that one of us can do shadow puppets on the outside.

It’s like our own  little cubby house.

It’s Oliver’s favourite thing at the moment.



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Oliver Gets Bored

Mousey. Swimmin’ with the fishes.


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Oliver Plays With Mousey


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Our Cat Tree

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

Some of yoo have been asking where out cat tree came from. We live in England and it came from Uncle Russell at Russell Hardy Designs He has lots of different cat scratchers.

By the way I want yoo to know that I am very happy to be going in a Cat Show. Scott says he will be wif me all the time apart from when the judges come and look at my furs and stuff. He also says that if I don’t like it or get stressed he will not do it again. It will be fun because my daddy (Fat Albert) will probably also be in the show! He won Best of Breed at the Merseyside Cat Show last year. Scott says I come from a long line of pedigree prize winners so it’s in my blood – half of my great-grandparents and two thirds of my great-great grandparents were show prize winners. I am also a very laid back boy and I nevver get stressed owt and I love people. At the show I don’t have to do anything except look handsome and let the judges handle me. All the cats are checked by a vet to make sure that nobody spreads any diseases plus when the public come in during the afternoon they are careful not to touch you or give you werms.


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The Ruby Leg-Climb


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Oliver Plays Ball


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Special Delivfurry!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today we had a special delivfurry!

I was so excited that I had to have a chew on the strap! I was trying to get it open as quickly as possible.

Inside were all sorts of toys! There were loads of fevvurs-on- a stick because that’s our favourite toy at the moment (well, that and the rolled up ball of aluminium foil).

Ruby was also excited about the box – she loves boxes!

I can see the attraction…

…but I love the bouncy things more!

Here we are testing out the new fevvur-on-a-stick. Ruby has sunk her teefs in while I am happy batting it with my paw.



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Boxing Day

Hi efurrybody – Oliver here!

Yesterday was Christmouse Day! Ruby and I spent the day playing wif the Beans, snoozing, wrassling wif each other and watching the turkey being roasted. It sure smelt nice but we weren’t sure about trying some – we prefer our tins of stinky goodness.

This is me playing wif the feathers on a stick – they’re aren’t many feathers left on it anymore as it’s one of Ruby’s favourite toys and she’s ripped most of them off. I am very proud of my big fluffy paws, by the way.

Here’s Ruby trying to fight me off from getting the feathers!

It was a little strange yesterday as the Beans put us in our travelling cage and took us upstairs to visit wif Uncle Orlando. It was the furst time we’d ever seen each other. Orlando didn’t seem to mind us but I was a bit uncertain so I did my best growly sound to show him I’m big and strong. The problem was, when we got back downstairs Ruby must have thought I was growling at her, so she got mad at me and arched her back and showed me her fangs. Maybe she didn’t like seeing my aggressive macho side. We’re OK now though and still the best of friends that a bruvfur and sisfur can be!

Today we met the dreaded whirry-suck-noise machine that Scott ran all over our floor. It sucked away all of the lovely mess we’ve been making. We hid for a while and then the whirry-suck-noise machine went away. Then Scott put us on the scales – Ruby weighs about 1500 grams and I’m a bit bigger at 1800 grams.

This is us relaxing in our igloo.

People say we look alike but we are completely different!


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