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Notes from Prison

Hi everyone this is Ruby reporting from the borstal. I know that the humans call it a Luxury Cattery but I’ve got to tell you, it’s really prison for cats. I was just in the middle of charting maps of the night sky from our usual position at home when we were all sent off to camp. This throws all of my plans out!

At least Rose gave Scott a good deep scratch on his hand when he tried to get her into the travelling cage. Ha! Something to remember us by!

Once again it’s Oliver who is the traitor to the cause – he’s far too interested in what’s going on outside the window to worry about escape plans.

Rose has the right idea. She’s hiding under the bed and giving everyone laser eyes.

More to follow.

Meanwhile Scott and Mark are having a great time on the French Riviera.



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Off the Air

Hi everyone it’s Ruby!

We’re going to be off the air for a while as Scott has gone to Switzerland and left us here with Mark.

We’ll be back in just over a week’s time.

Have fun until then!


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Holiday Time

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

The beans are going on holiday for a week so they won’t be able to turn the computer on for me to update the blog. I’ll try and get a message out of prison the luxury boarding cattery if I can.

We hope you all have a good week! I’m going to miss catching up with all of you – especially Teddy…


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Holiday Planning

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

Oliver and I have been busy helping Scott make some holiday plans. We have been studying maps, reading guidebooks and searching the internet. Oliver even helped to type up the itinerary.

Scott thinks he’s sending us to a boarding cattery – he’s says we’ll have our own luxurious chalet, twenty-four hour care and webcam – but we have other plans…



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Ruby’s Update

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Do you like my close-up?

We are going to be “off the air” for a few days as Scott is going to London (to visit the Queen if my knowledge of nursery rhymes is correct).

I hope he has a nice time. He better bring us back some treats. I’m just saying.



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The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles

– Pssssst. Oliver?

– Yes Ruby?

– Do yoo think it’s safe to come out yet?

– I don’t know Ruby. The noo Human Beans seem to have gone but I’m still not sure. I think we should stay here behind this sideboard – it’s safe and warm by the radiator.

– Oliver?

– Yes Ruby?

– I’m a bit tired after that strange bumpy ride. I was shaking all over when Human Bean #2 opened up the car to get us out.

– Well Ruby, let’s nap and work this out later.

– OK.


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