My Speshull Repawt From Owtside. By Oliver

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today I bring yoo my speshull repawt from the OWTSIDE!

Yes! This is my noo harness which I like much better than the old one. I had only ever been owt in the old harnes once. It was a few weeks back when I was getting all frisky (before my NEW TERS!). Auntie Jane suggested I be allowed owt to have some fresh air and distractions. It worked a treat but I didn’t like the old harness, which was just like two cat collars joined togevver.

Anyway, my noo harness is much more comfortable. It also shows how impawtant I am as Chief Snoopervisor of the Owtside. Here I am sniffing the holly bush that Scott needs to plant soon.

Time to do a patrol of the perim-prerim…edges of the garden.

Oops – got distracted for a moment!

When I decided everything was safe – no woofies or vishus deer or wildebeest like I have seen on the TV – I had a bit of a relax in the sun. I also told Ruby it was safe…

…but she had never been owtside in her entire life!

It was like that moovie Stargate – who knows what would happen when she stepped through the door!

But she was a brave girl and came owt too! Ruby’s harness is red!

She came a little way owt. Then a leaf blew past her in the wind and she raced back inside. I’m sure she will get used to the owtside eventually.

As for me – there is still much uncharted territory to explore…


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24 responses to “My Speshull Repawt From Owtside. By Oliver

  1. We LUV your harnesses! Where did you get them? Our The Baby loves going out but she slips out of every harness Mommy has purchased, hee hee.
    Ruby, you will get to know those leaves and then POUNCE them. It’s so much fun.

  2. Your adventures have just begun!!! Love the new harness’ and hope they don’t make you too hot.

    How fun for Ruby too!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  3. Those are pawsome harnesses…maybe I can get one? I’m not allowed outside because everyone thinks I’m too innocent. So not fair.

  4. I love your new harnesses! They look much better than your old skinny harness. I have a Puppia harness that is similar.

  5. Those harnesses are the greatest and do look comfortable. Ruby it is pretty scary outside at first but look how brave your brother is . Maybe he could show you around. It is great to see you outside Oliver snooopervising everything. Good thing they have you there to watch out for all the bad animals.

  6. Your harnesses are vereh cool! They look like they’d stop a bullet too 🙂
    enjoy your outside explorin!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  7. Exploring is so much fun. Before long Ruby will be exploring too.

  8. Peter

    Oliver you look so butch in your new harness, it’s good you explored secured the area so your sister can spend time out with you.

  9. Pawsome harnesses!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pawsome photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We purr you are having a pawsome Sunday.

  10. Oliver, I can tell you are a natural at your new security job. You may have to give Ruby some training!

  11. Those are very elegant harnesses! Are they specially designed for cats? We use Puppia harnesses which are supposed to be for small dogs…

    Fabulous adventure outside!

    the Chans

  12. sootie

    hallo olly an rubi,
    it looks like yoo are doing a good job of sekuring the perm, premim, – what yoo said. Yoo need to make sure its safe for yor beans. We know rubi wasn’t reely scared of the leef- she must haf thort it was a DANGER LEEF an made sure the bean went inside ; we haf DANGER LEEFS here an we haf to protekt our beans too. Brave rubi!

    we like how rubi’s new work clths match her name – evry gurl has to haf maching stuff. an we rekkon olly looks very brave and clever.

    (and aks yoor beens not to put the holly in the grownd – our beens haf one and it PRIKKLES us when we try to lie in the shade under it – nasty holly!)
    luv from sootie

  13. I love your harness : )
    ” Security ” that’s cool style…MOL

  14. Oliver, I am so jealous that you got to go out! I don’t go out very much…only when I wear a harness…but mine isn’t like yours…I like yours so much better! Where did you get it? I wanna tell my mom so she will get me one and then I can go out more!!


  15. We are lovin’ those pawsome harnesses!

  16. Hi everyone – our harnesses came from but people from the States could probably find them on

  17. OMC! Those are such COOL harnesses. They are so butch! We have gerly ones (a pink one, and a purple one). We’re gonna complain to mom and dad straight away and demand noo ones! Where did yoo get them from?

  18. PS: we just read the comments and are gonna check owt! Fanks.

  19. Wow, those harnesses are terrific! We’ve never seen that kind and we imagine they must be very comfy! Hurrah for getting outside! We hope Ruby tries again, no scary leaves this time. 🙂

  20. What great adventures outside you two kids had. I am lucky and am an inside and outside cat and can come and go through my cat door whenever I want.
    Poppy Q

  21. You look furry chic Oliver – the best dressed man cats will all be clamouring for these now. You make an excellent model.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  22. Dear OanR – about that leaf-pouncing suggestion above: it luks lik Scott luvs you enough to bring leaves inside and drop them down the stairwell for pouncing on …

  23. Oh Oliver how excellent that you got to go outside and “secure the perimeters”! I loves your Security vests! They’z fabulous! (Poor Ruby, I know for some kitties the big outdoors at first is very scary!)

  24. Oh, you look just great in your harnesses!

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