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Blogger Blogs are Evil

Hi everyone this is Ruby! OK, Blogger blogs aren’t evil but sometimes they get us hot under the collar!

I think many of you with Blogger blogs have realised that there is a problem with Blogger’s Word Verification. Despite continuously typing in the correct word verification we are unable to leave comments.

We are really sorry but we can’t comment on Blogger blogs with Word Verification on. If you have got fewer comments lately this might be the reason.

We would love it if Blogger blogs turned off their word verification option – it has always annoyed us anyway and makes it take much longer to leave comments.

Alternatively you could switch to a WordPress blog. We don’t have word verification and WordPress’s spam filter does a great job. It is actually possible and quite easy to import your entire Blogger blog to WordPress – archived posts, all your pictures, absolutely everything can be transferred in a single file! We know this because Scott exported his Blogger blog to WordPress years ago.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening with us. We hope all you Blogger people are well!




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On Assignment


Ruby attempts to contact Command Central for an update on her instructions.


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