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Meow Meow Meme Monday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Thank yoo to Clooney for including us in a meme! We are sorry we are late but Scott has been entertaining overseas visitors! Anyway here are the questions:

Where do you like to hang owt?

Well, I usually always hang owt wif my sisfur and the two of us usually follow the beans around and settle in the room they are in. If Scott is in the study I like my cushion in the corner and Ruby usually likes to sleep on the desk or on her armchair. If Scott gets up though she will sneak onto his desk chair. If the beans are in the kitchen we like the top of the cat tree. I usually hang my head owt the side. If the beans are in different rooms then we move around a bit more.

Who is yoor favourite kitty crush?

Ruby has a boyfriend (tee hee!) and his name is Teddy Westlife. I don’t have a gerlfriend cos Scott says I am too young but I am eight minutes older than Ruby so that can’t be the reason. He says we only know older cats and he would only let me go owt wif a cat under a year old. If there are any young gerls owt there then let me know! I also fink that Neytiri is very pretty.

What is yoor favourite scent?

We are like Neytiri and enjoy window whiffles. There is always something new to smell owt there!

What is yoor favourite TV show?

We like nature documentaries wif fast moving fings like berds and squirrels that dash across the screen. I also went crazy for the new Audi car ad – Scott says it’s cos of the movement and high contrast.

What is yoor favourite moovie?

We really liked 101 Dalmations – lots of spotty woofies! We often don’t stay still long enuff to see a whole moovie!

What is the best piece of feline wisdom?

We are only nine months old but my piece of wisdom would be “Spend more time wif yoor head upside down and yoor legs in the air – yoo can see the world from a different point of view”. Ruby’s is “If yoo study something long enough yoo can control it”.

Pass the meme on:

We have so many furriends we would be happy for any of them to take part, so please do!


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Oliver’s Intervyoo Wif Teddy Westlife

Hi evfurrybody! This is Oliver repawting.

When my sisfur Ruby told me abowt her noo boyfriend I was very surprised as until now Teddy had only been a blogger buddy of ours. I should have noticed the luvvy-duvvy messages that Ruby and Teddy were sending each uvver in the comments.

I am eight minutes older than Ruby, so as her big bruvver I am very protective of her. Before I give my consent I need to work owt whether Teddy is a sootable  match for my sisfur as she is verry speshull to me. Teddy was kind enuff to take part in an intervyoo.

Here is my intervyoo wif Teddy:

OLIVER: Where do yoo live? Is it far from north-west England?

TEDDY: I live in Melbourne, Australia.  It is a very very long way from England, mum has been to England twice but dad has never even been there!

OLIVER: Why are yoo called Teddy Westlife?

TEDDY:Dad chose the name Teddy because he thought it was cute, and since everyone in my house has two names, mum picked Westlife after Teddy Westside from How I Met Your Mother.  She made a mistake and thought it was Westlife.  I don’t mind, I think it’s a cool name.

OLIVER: How would you describe yourself?

TEDDY: I am very enthusiastic about everything, and I am very busy.  I have a lot to do every single day.  Mum says I am the happiest little camper she has ever met.  But dad also calls me Teddy Monster.

OLIVER: What is yoor favourite pastime?

TEDDY: Playing!  I have many toys to play with, and I make sure to give them equal time every day if I can.  I am also a big fan of eating.

OLIVER: Which toy do yoo prefer? The mousie or the foil ball?

TEDDY: Mousie, but if there is a foil ball around, I will play that too!

OLIVER: Do yoo have yoor own fevver-on-a-stick?

TEDDY: I have a bear-on-a-stick, fevvers are hard to come by here for some reason.

OLIVER: What sort of food do yoo like? Do yoo like prawns?

TEDDY: I like ALL food!  I have never had prawns but Huffle says they are the best food ever, and she knows a lot, so I believe her.

OLIVER: What do yoo fink of GERLS?

TEDDY: Um, I don’t know many gerls, only mum and Huffle.  I like them both well enough.

OLIVER: Do yoo have any tattoos? (Ruby wanted to know that one)

TEDDY: Yes I am a very big tough mancat and I have one tattoo!  In my ear, from when I was new-terred.

OLIVER: Ruby will be happy wif that. Cats are not tattooed in England when they have their NEW-TERS. What is yoor idea of a romantic evening with yoor gerlfriend?

TEDDY: Having a nice snack together, maybe a little wrestling match, and then settling down on my toasty blanket for a cozy nap together.

OLIVER: How do yoo fink yoo would cope wif a long distance relationship?

TEDDY: I think it would be okay, because I have easy access to the interwebs and I know how to do FaceTime on mum’s iPhone.  Huffle uses iChat all the time on the iMac to talk to her best friend Zimmie, so I’m sure she could show me how to do that too.

OLIVER: Ruby is very clevver and she spends lots of time trying to werk fings owt. Do yoo have the patience for such fings? Or are yoo like me and would rather just lie arownd  wif yoor head upside down and yoor legs in the air?

TEDDY: I like a bit of both.  If I want to do something, I will not give up trying, even if dad picks me up and moves me somewhere else, or even if I get the dreaded water pistol squirt in the face.  I will not be thwarted!  But I don’t mind hanging around with my paws in the air if the occasion calls for it.

OLIVER: Thank yoo Teddy. Is there anyfing else yoo would like to say?

TEDDY: I hope I passed the test!  I am looking forward to having you as my big brother-in-law Oliver, I’m sure you can teach me lots!

Well folks, there yoo have it! I fink I can safely say that I am impressed wif Teddy’s answers. I give Ruby and Teddy my blessing!


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