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My New Bowl

Well hello there!

I am very excited as my new bowl has just arrived!

It’s from Emma Bridgewater and has my name hand-painted on it.

All around the edges are dancing mice!

Isn’t it great? It’s making me hungry!


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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

I just caught and ate my first fly!

(Well, the first one Scott witnessed…)


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Hello everyone! Ruby here! I have to tell you all that we think we are being mistreated. Did you know that we only get fed four times a day?

I have decided to take matters into my own hands.


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Our Bowls

Hi evfurrybody! Oliver here!

I thought I’d show yoo our speshull bowls. This is my bowl with my very own name on it and lots of blue stars. Scott says that’s because I am a star!

Ruby’s bowl has pink and red love hearts on it. She is a bit embarrassed abowt that cos she thinks it’s too GERLY, so she always tries to eat owt of MY bowl.

This is our water bowl – its bigger and has both of our names on it. One day I will be able to read and tell yoo which name is which!

Scott says he had the bowl made speshully for us at Emma Bridgewater, an English pottery in Stoke-on-Trent. They paint yoor names on the bowls and then they are glazed and fired.


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Boxing Day

Hi efurrybody – Oliver here!

Yesterday was Christmouse Day! Ruby and I spent the day playing wif the Beans, snoozing, wrassling wif each other and watching the turkey being roasted. It sure smelt nice but we weren’t sure about trying some – we prefer our tins of stinky goodness.

This is me playing wif the feathers on a stick – they’re aren’t many feathers left on it anymore as it’s one of Ruby’s favourite toys and she’s ripped most of them off. I am very proud of my big fluffy paws, by the way.

Here’s Ruby trying to fight me off from getting the feathers!

It was a little strange yesterday as the Beans put us in our travelling cage and took us upstairs to visit wif Uncle Orlando. It was the furst time we’d ever seen each other. Orlando didn’t seem to mind us but I was a bit uncertain so I did my best growly sound to show him I’m big and strong. The problem was, when we got back downstairs Ruby must have thought I was growling at her, so she got mad at me and arched her back and showed me her fangs. Maybe she didn’t like seeing my aggressive macho side. We’re OK now though and still the best of friends that a bruvfur and sisfur can be!

Today we met the dreaded whirry-suck-noise machine that Scott ran all over our floor. It sucked away all of the lovely mess we’ve been making. We hid for a while and then the whirry-suck-noise machine went away. Then Scott put us on the scales – Ruby weighs about 1500 grams and I’m a bit bigger at 1800 grams.

This is us relaxing in our igloo.

People say we look alike but we are completely different!


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