The Wash Up


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12 responses to “The Wash Up

  1. You KNOW you’re going to hear a lot of THUDS around the CB today, right, as the humans pass out from squeeing at so much cuteness? Too much kitten cuteness can be dangerous to their health! 😀

  2. TK

    Too Cute! Can I be next?

  3. It’s so nice to have a sibling to get the hard-to-reach bits!



  5. That music totally adds to the ambiance!

  6. I think I’m gonna meow something stupid like I love you!!!!

  7. Holy cow…could that be any more adorable?!?!?!

  8. I might have squeeeed myself – LOL!

  9. Emma Williams

    Oh…it’s a LOLcats daily squee! So cute my head might explode!

  10. Everybody here is sqeeeeeeeeeing like crazy. This is just ‘cute overload’. Gosh you two are so darn smart to clean each other’s face and necks. You two have a really fun day. We just love coming here.

  11. What an adorable video and we agree, the music totally adds to the ambiance! those little guys are SO cute!

  12. oh man, you guys are so cute! that was a great video and your daddy picked a perfect soundtrack for it. Louie and Sylvie like to groom each other from time to time but it usually ends up with Sylvie biting Louie’s jowls and Louie biting Sylvie’s ears!

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