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Miss Rose – Glamourpuss

Well hello there! This is Miss Rose!

What’s that you say?

Why yes, I do appear to have stumbled into some good lighting.



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Easy Like Sunday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! Can yoo see me?

Here I am on top of the bookcase in Mark’s study!

Yoo get an excellent view from up here.

The clocks went to Winter time last night so we all got an extra hour’s sleep. That doesn’t mean we can’t have naps though!

Now to get comfortable.

Yes, I fink upside down is best!

Ruby is down below wondering what I’m getting up to.

Have a nice Sunday!


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Auntie Doris

Deer Auntie Doris,

Hello my name is Oliver. We nevver got to meet yoo ‘cos yoo went to the Bridge two years ago and that was before we were born. Scott says yoo were a great lady and that yoo taught them lots of fings. We hope that yoo and Uncle Orlando are having fun wrassles and lots of snoozes at the Bridge.

Lots of love from Oliver, Ruby and Rose



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The Painters, Day Three

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

Today is Day Three of the painters being here. On Monday we had most of the house to run around in while they worked outside, though some rooms were shut off, including the bedroom where we usually have our afternoon nap! By the time they left at 4pm, Oliver was in position for his nap and making the loudest purrs ever!

Yesterday we had the house for most of the day but then we were shut in the kitchen for a couple of hours!

Today we are complete prisoners ALL DAY! Here in the kitchen we only have our enormous cat tree, our  food, water, litter and toys! What are we going to do all day??

Can you see the look of desperation in Oliver’s eyes?

He is frantic about the whole situation!

Rose is doing her best with the big eyes but Scott isn’t changing his mind!

I will find a way to escape. Then I will be able to play in the paint pots with all those brushes!


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We’re Back!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! We’re back! Scott has now returned from his trip to Italy so we can get back to posting and visiting all of our furriends!

Today we are hanging owt in the dining room. That’s’cos there are painters owtside werking on the howse wif the windows open so we can’t go into those rooms.

Ruby has her worried ears on.

Rose is fairly relaxed abowt it though.

We are verry glad to be back and are looking forward to reading what all you guys have been up to!


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Our Presents

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! Here are some of the things we got for our birfday!

This is the bouncing pom-pom on the mousey. Ruby tries to chew the spring.


This is the squeaky mousey that chirps when you move it. We’re not sure where it’s gone.

These are the mouseys wif the bells on their tails.

These are the neon mouseys. Did yoo know that I like mouseys? Here is a movie of me playing wif a mousey. And here is a movie of me delivering a mousey to Scott.

This is the new red dot maker. Ruby and Rose go wild for the red dot. I quite like it too.

This is our kitty DVD. It has berds, squirrels, lizards, fishies and lots of uvver fings we like to watch.

These are Dreamies treats but we haven’t had any yet. You know, we don’t really go in for treats that much. I am on a diet anyway so I probably don’t need them. We have never really been fans of treats and we actually don’t trust human food. Scott says that’s good because we don’t care when they are eating dinner or preparing food – even fings we have read that uvver cats like – such as chicken or ham. Maybe we are deprived.

Ruby and I both got birthday cards from Auntie Jane, our breeder!

Anyway, Scott is going to Italy for a week so we won’t be able to visit evfurrybody for a little while. We are staying at home wif Mark to keep him company.


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Wednesday with Ruby

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

You wouldn’t believe how many days we have been trapped in rooms in our own house! The men doing the double-glazing took FOUR days last week, so we were either shut in the kitchen or the bedroom while they were working and making all sorts of noise. Even on our birthday we didn’t have free roaming rights in the house! It was very inconvenient as Rose, Oliver and myself had plans for thundering herds, fly chasing and tag-snoozing, all of which had to be postponed until the men left. Above is a picture of me inspecting the recently completed work in the living room.

Today we are shut in the kitchen again while one of the workmen is finishing off some minor work. Now Scott is talking about painters coming in a couple of weeks!

Will we ever get any peace?


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Easy Like Sunday

Well hello there! It’s Rose with…Ruby! Last night Scott and Mark had a dinner party and Ruby and I bonded by admiring handbags and accessories brought by the ladies. I learnt my lesson from last time though and didn’t steal anything! This morning Ruby and I spent a good few minutes on this cushion together and Ruby licked my head all over.We then had a little sisterly fight but Scott thinks we have made excellent progress.

Meanwhile, Oliver is relaxing on his favourite armchair.


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