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Happy Birthday to ME!

IMG_1814 - 2013-04-26 at 09-41-57Well hello there! This is Rose. Guess what? Today is my BIRTHDAY! That’s right – I am now two years old and officially a LADY!

IMG_1829 - 2013-04-26 at 09-43-18See? Don’t I look mature?

IMG_1772 - 2013-04-26 at 09-36-59This is our new friend Kamrita the Bengal tiger.

IMG_1779 - 2013-04-26 at 09-39-03You see, in honour of my birthday we have adopted a tiger in Nepal with the World Wildlife Fund.

IMG_1853 - 2013-04-26 at 09-53-02This is the real Kamrita. She is 9 years old and has two cubs, a boy and a girl. Isn’t she beautiful?

IMG_1850 - 2013-04-26 at 09-49-33

Kamrita lives in the Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal.

IMG_1793 - 2013-04-26 at 09-40-26I like playing with my new friend.

IMG_1792 - 2013-04-26 at 09-40-03See? I’m giving her the bunny kick.

IMG_1822 - 2013-04-26 at 09-42-48Here comes Oliver to help me celebrate! He’s brought a toy mousey!

IMG_1830 - 2013-04-26 at 09-43-29Umm, I don’t think you’re meant to do that to the bed Oliver.

IMG_1841 - 2013-04-26 at 09-44-46That’s better.

IMG_1848 - 2013-04-26 at 09-47-14Here’s Ruby. She’s doing her best to ignore us by looking at the birds out the window.

We hope you have a great day!




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Our Speshull Day!


Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver and Ruby! We hope yoo are all well in the Cat Blogosphere. Scott has let us get on the compyooter today cos it’s our speshull day – today Ruby and I turn TWO YEARS OLD! These are our offishal birfday pawtraits. Above yoo can see Ruby on the left and I am on the right.

Here is my individual pawtrait. Scott says I am a very handsome mancat. I still don’t have a gerlfriend though, ‘cos Scott won’t let me. Anyway, two sisfurs is enough women in my life! For my pawtrait I was aiming to look ‘angelic’, which means I am a good boy (and I am a good boy ‘cos Scott says so – he says I am a sweet boy and I am a polite gentleman and I bring mousies and I am a very good bruvfur to my sisfurs).

Here is Ruby’s pawtrait. She said she was going for ‘intense’. That’s her alright!

Ruby also wanted a second pitcher next to the books she has been reading. Yoo see, Ruby has been helping Scott read all twelve novels on the Man Booker Prize 2012 longlist. She would like yoo to know that disagrees wif the judges shortlist of the five novels that came out a week or so ago. She prefers the books she is next to in the pitcher, which include The Teleportation Accident, Communion Town and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Those are the books she gave the ‘bitey of approval’ to. She also paid a lot of attention when Scott was reading these books and completely ignored Scott when he read Narcopolis (which made the official shortlist even though Ruby hated it).

Of course, when Rosie saw the camera she just had to get in on the action even thought it’s NOT her birfday! Here she is wif me.

Here she is by herself.

She also insisted on a ‘moody close-up’ for her portfolio cos she says she wants to be a supermodel cat and do advertising work and editorials.

This is as close as Scott got to getting all three of us in the frame at once.

Yoo know, we are very lucky cats cos we have a speshull home and lots of good foods like choona to eat and we have humans who love us. So for our birfday we decided we didn’t need speshull presents.  Instead we have a noo Sponsor Sisfur! Her name is Paige. Paige is a very sweet gerl but she has very speshull needs cos she was in an accident so she is having trouble finding a forever home. She is looked after by the lovely people at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Formby. That is why we have made her our Sponsor Sisfur. Yoo can read more abowt Paige here. We also made a donation of food and toys to the RSPCA in Halewood.

Anyway – we are looking forward to having a great day! If you want to see us when we little kittens yoo can look here!




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Rose’s Speshull Day

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! I am rolling arownd wif my legs in the air cos it’s a speshull day today. Today our sisfur Rose turns one year old!

To celebrate here are some pitchers of Rose as a tiny baby kitten!

There she is in the middle.

Look – her eyes have only just opened!

She was a sweet little ball of white fluff, wasn’t she?


That’s Rose at the front.

Look at her loverly blue eyes!

Rose at the front again.

And at the front.

And there she is at the front.

This is the picture that made Scott and Mark fall in love with Rose and want her to come and live wif us! We are so glad she came cos she is a lot of fun, she enjoys playing wif screwed up Post Its, and she loves to do the ambush on the stairs trick, and she also likes to snuggle.

Thanks to our Auntie Jane for all the kitten pics!


Here is Rose today – all grown up now!

And here is her 8×10 glossy black and white glamour shot for castings and modelling work.

I’ll just continue to celebrate in my own speshull way!

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Love from


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What Rose would have said to her boyfriend if Blogger wasn’t evil…


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Happy Gotcha Day to us!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Guess what? Today my sisfur Ruby and I celebrate our Gotcha Day!

That’s right! A year ago today we arrived for the furst time at our noo furrever home! That’s me taking the furst step owt of the cat carrier. It wasn’t long afterwards that I went and hid under the sideboard for the night ‘cos I was a bit skerred.

Look at how tiny I was back then!


And here’s a never-before-seen pic of Ruby!

And here’s some almost sinkronised yawning.

As kittens we needed our byooty sleep. Not much has changed! Tee hee!


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Our Presents

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! Here are some of the things we got for our birfday!

This is the bouncing pom-pom on the mousey. Ruby tries to chew the spring.


This is the squeaky mousey that chirps when you move it. We’re not sure where it’s gone.

These are the mouseys wif the bells on their tails.

These are the neon mouseys. Did yoo know that I like mouseys? Here is a movie of me playing wif a mousey. And here is a movie of me delivering a mousey to Scott.

This is the new red dot maker. Ruby and Rose go wild for the red dot. I quite like it too.

This is our kitty DVD. It has berds, squirrels, lizards, fishies and lots of uvver fings we like to watch.

These are Dreamies treats but we haven’t had any yet. You know, we don’t really go in for treats that much. I am on a diet anyway so I probably don’t need them. We have never really been fans of treats and we actually don’t trust human food. Scott says that’s good because we don’t care when they are eating dinner or preparing food – even fings we have read that uvver cats like – such as chicken or ham. Maybe we are deprived.

Ruby and I both got birthday cards from Auntie Jane, our breeder!

Anyway, Scott is going to Italy for a week so we won’t be able to visit evfurrybody for a little while. We are staying at home wif Mark to keep him company.


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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver!

Today is our FURST BIRFDAY! That’s right – exactly one year ago today we were born!

Here we are when we were young. Can yoo tell who’s who? We had blue eyes back then!

This is me at 22 days old!

And here is Ruby!

Here is a picture of our mother Alejandro Botticelli. Doesn’t she look a lot like our sister Rose?

This is the whole gang feeding wif our mummy. As well as me and Ruby, there’s Oscar, Duke, Sapphy, Miss Jingles and Smoky, though I’m not quite sure who’s who here.

Here’s me and Ruby wif Miss Jingles, our other “blue” sisfur!

This is me wif Duke and Sapphy. All of these kitten pics were taken by Auntie Jane, our breeder.

Here’s me in the green tunnel.

And Ruby.

Me and Ruby are having a wrassle on the left – again we were 22 days old at that time.

Here’s our father Alejandro Fat Albert.

Do yoo know our official names? Mine is Sentabali Top Drawer – I got that name ‘cos my Dad enjoys sleeping in the top drawer! Ruby’s name is Sentabali Smart Cookie and she certainly is a clever girl. Rose’s official name is Sentabali Bellucini – but Scott isn’t sure why she is called this. He will have to email Auntie Jane to find out! He thinks maybe it means Little Beauty. By the way – Rose turned five months old yesterday!

We got lots of presents! We will tell yoo abowt them next time when Scott has some pictures of us wif them!

Yoo know, being a year old makes me officially a MANCAT. Scott was hoping that by my furst birfday I might develop better spelling skills but unfortunately it looks like I will always be a fur-nettic speller. Maybe he doesn’t want me to grow up too fast! He says it has something to do wif the ‘comedic effect’ – tee hee!

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! We feel very lucky to know our exact birthday – so many cats come to their owners with no history at all.

Our Aunt Doris and Uncle Orlando were both rescue cats so they never had an official birthday. To help some less fortunate cats and kittens we have made a donation on our birthday to Freshfields Animal Rescue and to Cats Protection.

We hope you all have a great day!


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