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No Fear

Hi everyone! Scott and Mark think we’re weird because we enjoy playing in our travel cages. They say that Orlando and Doris used to run a mile and hide whenever their cages came out.


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Oliver in the Box

Hi evfurrybody! It’s Oliver here. I have to tell yoo abowt a worrying situayshun – we fink the werld is getting smaller. When we furst got here this box was verry roomy and lots of fun. Yoo can see Ruby in the box here.

As yoo will see, this box is getting smaller and smaller evfurry day.

We don’t know what to do! Anyway – I guess I’ll keep trying to fit in the box and maybe I can help to stretch it owt before it disappears!


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Oliver and Ruby’s Film Debut…


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Special Delivfurry!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today we had a special delivfurry!

I was so excited that I had to have a chew on the strap! I was trying to get it open as quickly as possible.

Inside were all sorts of toys! There were loads of fevvurs-on- a stick because that’s our favourite toy at the moment (well, that and the rolled up ball of aluminium foil).

Ruby was also excited about the box – she loves boxes!

I can see the attraction…

…but I love the bouncy things more!

Here we are testing out the new fevvur-on-a-stick. Ruby has sunk her teefs in while I am happy batting it with my paw.



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Ruby in a box

Well hello there, thanks for stopping by! It’s Ruby here, in a box. This was the box that the Bean’s Christmas cake came in and it’s currently my favourite thing. Both Oliver and I enjoy sitting in it (though Oliver finds it a bit harder to squeeze himself in) and we love to chew on the edges.



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