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My Day at the Show. By Miss Rose

Well hello there! This is Rose!

You know, before I begin I need to say that we are very upset that Scott is only letting us get to the computer for special occasions lately. I mean, aren’t we cute any more now that we’re all more than a year old??

Anyway, here is a shot taken of me today at the Merseyside Cat Club All Breed Championship Show. Yes – I did win a few little prizes: let me list them for you. To begin with I came first in my Open Class – that’s the most important one! The judge liked me so much that she awarded me a Premier Certificate. That’s my second Premier Certificate this year (it’s the silver one in the middle). One more PC from a different judge and I will gain the title of Premier cat! I know!

I also come first in two of my side classes and second in another (I know – I was robbed!). If you look carefully at the picture you will see that I won my first cash prize! That was a special Queen’s Diamond Jubilee category that I entered (here in the UK we are celebrating the Queen’s sixtieth year on the throne this weekend). I spent the money there and then on a set of three toy mice (they are wearing tuxedos because they are the Rat Pack), a blue toy ball with feathers, and a collapsible cat play box!

I have to tell you though, that my Nemesis was there today and Scott was very worried. My Nemesis is a big blue colourpoint British Shorthair – he is four years old and he is huge, masculine and magnificent, whereas I am young, feminine and pretty. He won Best of Breed over me once again! Hmph! I won the Premier Certificate though so that’s actually better. I confess though that it would be nice to beat him at least once in my pageant career! I’ll keep you updated!

Love and kisses to all our bloggy friends! A special hello to my boyfriend Genji!



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